"Mahayoga: The Mystical Path of the Siddhas"

"Dear Swami Prakashananda,

I wanted to write to say that your book, 'Mahayoga: The Mystical Path of the Siddhas' is quite simply extraordinary. It touched my heart so profoundly and evoked all the beautiful memories of my own time with Baba whom I first met in 1978 in Melbourne at the start of Baba's Third World Tour. Subsequently I was with Baba in Miami Beach, South Fallsburg, Santa Monica and South Fallsburg again.

Your book reveals Baba's extraordinary love and compassion for all seekers and in some mystical way makes Baba's presence in the world now so much more alive and vibrant. I was deeply touched by your own spiritual journey and your deep and abiding love for Baba.

I am so grateful that you have written this beautiful and inspiring portrayal of your life with Baba.

… Siddha Yoga devotees all over the world will experience Baba's limitless grace and blessings showering upon them while reading your book. They will have the darshan of a glorious being once again. For me, your book made Baba so real, so alive, so completely, so palpably in my life - as if no time had elapsed since 1982. Your book has changed my life; it has reinvigorated my sadhana, brought great joy and vibrancy into each day and uplifted my soul I see Baba everywhere. It is as if his time is here again. I feel so grateful for that.

I cannot thank you enough dear Swamiji.

With great love,"

Ishwari Graham

"Dear Swamiji,

Your inspirational book came at the perfect time to give upliftment and encouragement to my sadhana. It also made me contemplate and gain a deeper understanding of my own spiritual journey. I too travelled to India in late 1973 seeking a Guru and while living in Mahabalipuram, heard that Swami Muktananda was lecturing that day in Madras. It was too late to make the long journey to see him and after staying in many holy places such as Aurobindo's Ashram in Pondicherry I returned to Los Angeles, where I met Baba in Pasadena. I have always wondered why I did not go to Ganeshpuri during my travels but from your book I realized that Baba had already left on his second world tour. Your wonderfully close relationship with Baba has reignited so many memories of his great love and tireless compassion for all his devotees, but most of all has strengthened my faith in my inner connection to his grace and guidance. I believe your book is Baba reaching out to all his devotees to show us his presence and influence in our lives is beyond time and space and he is always with us. I thank you with all my heart for being a pure vehicle of Baba's eternal grace dear Swamiji.

In his love."

Parvati Van Es

"Dear Swamiji,

I started reading your autobiography tonight. I am thoroughly enjoying it! Your prose is simple and direct but makes what you describe vivid and interesting. I look forward to continuing the book - I am at the point where you just got to India. I can't wait to read about when you meet Baba…

... As you know, things have been sort of hectic down here, and I just wanted you to know that reading your book at the end of each day is like an oasis for me. You tell your extraordinary story so straightforwardly and simply, weaving in profound teachings and wonderful Baba moments - I take shelter in reliving through your words the magic of his physical presence, and the wonder of being his.

Thank you for writing it all down for us, Jai Gurudev!"

Maria Shen

"Dear Swamiji,

My pranams to you! I just finished reading your latest book on your life's spiritual journey and wanted to tell you "Thank you" for this profound gift to humanity, especially to those of us who had known and loved Baba Muktananda.

It has made a huge impact on my ability to understand and fully appreciate His great blessings on my life for ever. In fact reading about your personal experiences with Baba has helped me grasp in deeper and more profound ways my own spiritual experiences with him.

I have a million thoughts and new understandings now. Maybe it is also because I have grown myself in the meantime since I knew him in his physical body.

Baba's Shakti is so strongly permeating your pages I often had to stop reading because it made me go into spontaneous meditations before being able to go on.

Dear Swamiji, you can tell how reading about your experiences has affected me. I just started crying when you wrote about what Baba had said: " Place me there so I can see who is at the gate." I am writing all this to let you know what a profound effect and meaning your book is having on people like me who had been Baba's devotees. There is so much synchronicity in the inner experiences and I find also a healing taking place as so many questions are coming to light and are being shared and even answered. Suddenly there are answers to some mysterious spiritual experiences, too. It is clearly Baba who is reaching his devotees through your writing.

I hope you are not getting impatient with me if I share just one more thing with you: Your book has so incredibly inspired me, and I know it is Baba's shakti speaking through you, I thought you might like to know that last night, when I finished reading it I had profound experiences before going to sleep. I had closed my eyes and started experiencing spontaneous pranayama. It happened for quite some time while lying on my back in the dark. Suddenly I experienced my whole body as being filled with blazing light. Eventually flames started forming and I experienced the flames consuming my body as if it were being cremated. I knew it was a cremation without me actually dying, as you write about seeing your tombstone while knowing it meant not your physical death but the death of the ego. A while after that, the pranayama started again, but this time it led not to an experience of death but to an experience of birth. This time it was my body giving birth until the birth was accomplished, when finally a great sense of peace, happiness and total harmony overcame me and gently took me into deep sleep.

I do not understand fully what the meaning of all this is, however I know it is a great blessing. Sad Gurunath Maharaj ki Jay!"

Brigitte Elerick

"Dear Swamiji,

I recently read your book and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. What an incredible life you have lived. And you share your experiences and wisdom in a simple clear manner. I studied Vedanta in college for some time, but I could never quite understand it. But when I read your description of Vedanta in your book, I felt like I finally understood it. You describe it in such a simple way that I feel that I learned more about this philosophy in just reading the few pages you wrote on it than I did in all my college studies.

But what is more important is the way you weave your wisdom throughout the book. It is very inspiring. You remind us of the divinity that lies within us, and you write beautifully about your incredible experiences with your Guru, Swami Muktananda. It is one of the best books I have ever read. Thank you for writing it."

John C.

"Dear Swami Prakashananda,

Baba's blessings always continue. I wanted to tell you something of my experience with your book. I had bought two copies thinking a couple friends I was meeting with might enjoy it. I had absolutely no interest in reading it myself. I'm sorry to say I fall asleep by page 3 of most spiritual books. There are exceptions, of course.

When my friend Parvati, one of the persons I had given a copy to began raving about it, at first I didn't think much about it. But after two weeks, she and her husband were both referring to it, and her husband, Milind, said he had an amazing experience after he had read some and then chanted the Guru Gita. Plus, Maria, another friend had said she had really enjoyed it. So I returned home, ordered another copy and began to read it and almost finished it in one sitting!!

To be brief: I was very surprised to learn of your long quest and enormous yearning and at how you continued your pursuit through practices Baba taught us. This persistence I read about gave me hope and a renewed interest in my own sadhana. For years my dream has/had been to meditate regularly. In the days with Baba, meditation came to me easily, effortlessly, and joyfully. But after he left this became harder... And I was quite lost spiritually. I 'knew' (from Baba) that everything in my life was unfolding as it was meant to be, but there were some difficult years, off and on. After years passed, I occasionally went to other spiritual teachers with the desire that maybe I would regain the ability or the practice of a daily meditation. Though I often felt Shakti and enjoyed these outings, I did not return to a regular meditation; thus, even though life became easier and in many ways better, I still felt this desire; it was always there and I felt lazy that I couldn't and didn't meditate regularly.

When I read your book and you mentioned "kriyas," I was totally hooked. Because I always had kriyas and still do. They are mostly mild - depending on the length of time I sit. I could always meditate, I just couldn't quite make it a regular experience. But after finishing your book, I made a puja and have been meditating almost daily since. It comes to me as it did in days with Baba. It is truly a nourishment I craved for so long. I always knew all my teachings and the foundation of my life came from Baba, but I somehow could not connect to it, or reconnect to it other than in my mind. But now through meditating I feel closer to Baba especially and to all the great beings he spoke of, and that is due to some kind of light turning on, a switch clicking, a battery replacement, etc. -- whatever, it resulted from reading your book.

Therefore, I wanted to let you know what an impact it had and has on my life. I've finished it twice, and I will certainly read it again. It brought back many wonderful memories of Baba. But I especially found it uplifting and inspirational to me in my own sadhana. I think the best way to express my experience is just to say that the ability or discipline or just the desire to meditate daily has brought not only nourishment to my being, but purpose to each day. A real "purpose" for my life. And I thank you so much for writing it.

All my best to you, and I send you so much gratitude."

Katy Jennings

"Dear Swami Prakashananda,

I recently read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wanted to share with you that I learned so many things from reading the book. I recently had surgery and everyone has been great, stopping by to drop off dinners, cakes, and flowers. I really don't like all the attention and everyone fussing over me with dinners etc... But then I read in your book about the time you went to beg for food and you couldn't do it. You went back and told the Guru that you couldn't beg for food. He told you that by accepting the food you were allowing those people to feel good about themselves because they helped someone in need. What a difference this has made to me. I now realize that by letting everyone help me I am allowing them to feel good that they helped. Accepting the dinners, cakes and flowers has been a tremendous help to me and my family.

I feel closer to God now that I have read your book and see where to look for him. I enjoyed it when you discussed your meditation and the colors you would see. I now see blue when I close my eyes.

Thank you so much for writing the book and sharing your stories with us."


"Dear Swami Prakashananda,

I'm writing to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Mahayoga and wanted to thank you so much for writing it. I only met Baba for a short time but I find that time was transforming. Your book is written with so much clarity and love and I wanted to thank you so much for writing it.