ISBN: 1-886140-10-3
6x9 - 224 Pages - $13.95

Don't Think of a Monkey
And Other Stories My Guru Told Me
Retold by Swami Prakashandanda

This collection of 108 stories, some of which have been retold for thousands of years by spiritual teachers, help convey certain spiritual truths, as well as the follies and antics of humanity. Stories and parables have always occupied an important place in the teachings of great masters, and the fundamentals of the spiritual life are frequently conveyed in a humorous medium. Very often great truths are easily comprehended when narrated in such simple stories. However, the book is not only for spiritual seekers, because these stories also convey a way to live happily in the world without too much struggle.

Such stories have been normally passed down through the ages by word of mouth, from Guru to disciple. The author heard these stories for many years from his own Guru, Baba Muktananda, who was himself a master storyteller.

We are certain that you will enjoy all of these stories and will read them over and over again.

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