Bhagavan Nityananda
Baba Muktananda
In honor of Baba's 39th mahasamadhi anniversary, we offer these slideshows, one of Baba and the other of Bhagavan. We hope you enjoy them. But first we would like to thank all those photographers, known and unknown, who have generously shared their photos with us over the years. Because of their kindness we are enjoying Baba and Bhagavan's darshan after so many years after they left their bodies. Devotees owe them a depth of gratitude.

On Bhagavan Nityananda's slideshow we have used an audio clip of a schoolmaster and his young students singing bhajans for Bhagavan. And at the end, there is a short audio clip of Bhagavan's voice singing a few verses from a hymn:

"Look within your own mind and have darshan of the Supreme"
"See the lotus born Brahma in the Brahma-Randhra" (Sahasrara chakra)
"Have darshan of the Guru's form in the mind"