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Mahayoga: The Mystical Path of the Siddhas
The Autobiography of Swami Prakashanada - The Spiritual Journey of a Western Seeker

"…I would experience a tremendous energy surging throughout my body, filling me with great joy. A variety of kriyas or spontaneous movements would also occur, including different yogic postures, various types of pranayama, and intense crying or laughing. Sometimes I would dance in ecstasy, or shout with joy. And while in deep meditation, I would often hear, or see, poetic verses within the inner sky of consciousness. These were all the play of the divine inner Shakti."

Swami Prakashananda was born in a small Italian town in 1949. He immigrated to America with his family at the age of seven. At the age of sixteen, he began a search for God. Four years latter, in 1969, after a number of mystical experiences, he was directed to go to India in search of a Guru.

What follows is a fascinating spiritual journey. Short on funds, Swamiji traveled overland to India after flying from NY to Europe. During his travels he walked, hitch-hiked, and rode buses and trains only when absolutely necessary. In the 1960’s, Europe was divided into Western and Eastern sections. Swamiji had to travel through both. He also traveled through the countries of Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and finally India.

Swamiji, who was one of Muktananda’s first Western disciples, writes about his life with Muktananda, and describes some of his experiences of Kundalini awakening. He lived with Muktananda from 1969, until his Guru’s passing in 1982. Then, at the request of Muktananda’s two successors, he continued to live in the South Fallsburg, NY ashram for another three and a half years, until his departure in 1986. He now lives in California.

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